We are looking for some unique and local creators to be a part of our next market.

apply for our september 14 market, december 14 market, or both.

SELLING TIMES:  6:00 - 10:00 PM

Pyramid sales are not welcome, creative pursuits only please.   This is a makers only market, please only bring product that is your own to sell.

step 1:

PLEase read through some of our policies before submitting your application.

Your payment includes: 
Table / Booth Space you select
2 Chairs
Shout outs on our social media and a spot on our linked vendor list.

* our market is covered by a professional photographer so it's likely you will see professional photos of your products in our "gallery" after the event that you are welcome to use (given proper photo credit of Hawk + Harvest Market and our Photographer)


Please do not leave early from the Market.  Please do not arrive late to the market / set up during our selling hours.
( Failure to adhere to this may affect your future involvement with our market. ) We owe it to our shoppers to have a clutter free shopping experience and for all vendors to stay until the advertised hours.  In case of an Emergency, please notify Lauren before leaving.

Please bring your own table covering that is appropriate for your table size.

Please do not assume the use of wall space for your display to lean on unless you have directly requested it and had it confirmed by Lauren.  We are not permitted to hang anything on the walls of our venue.   If you need wall space to lean your items on, please request it in your application and we will do our best.

You are welcome to share a table space with another vendor and split the table cost (indoor or outdoor!).  Both vendors will still need to apply.  If you are interested in sharing a table space but don't have a vendor to share with, we will do our best to pair you up.  Please note that all of your belongings will need to fit within the designated space.

Please do not take up more space than you are registering for, or overlap with the vendor next to you.   All belongings are expected to fit within your space or underneath your table.  

If you did not register and pay to use power, please do not use it.   Only so many outlets in the brewery can be used at once, and our layout is carefully planned around those who have requested power.   This includes cell phone charging.  If you're using power, please do not steal our extension cords!  This will result in every vendor in the future being required to bring their own if ours continue to go missing.  Just leave them in their outlets and we will gather them at the end of the take-down.  :) 

When it comes to decorating your space, feel free to get creative!  Please do not use any decorations that will damage the floors, and please be mindful of the vendors beside you. 

The payments you receive at our market for your products are completely your responsibility.   This includes your float. Please be prepared as there is no ATM at the Galt Museum. If you have a "square" credit card reader, there is free wifi on site.

The Galt Museum, Hawk + Harvest Market, and any of it's employees are not responsible for any lost / stolen / damaged product.  Please make sure you are responsible for your table and belongings.

In the event you are accepted to the market and discover later you are unable to make it, we can only offer a 50% refund in the event we are able to fill your space with an appropriate vendor. Thank you for your understanding.

If you are being accepted for the market (after a cancellation, or not.) you will be sent instructions on how to pay.   If payment is not received within 48 hours of being contacted, another vendor may be chosen to fill your space.

step 2: please fill out the application below as completely as possible

Upon receiving your application we will assume you have read, and agree to all of our Rules and Regulations.

Your Name *
Your Name
Apply for our fall market, holiday market, or both!
If you're applying for both markets and would like a different table option for each, please describe in the section below this one. If you'd like the same table option for both markets, select it here.
Please note that additional space may cost an extra $10-$20 as it will limit the amount of other vendors we can accept.
Are You Applying For a Shared Table? *
Those who wish to share a table are welcome to split the cost. Both vendors still need to apply.
In the event that your shared table partner isn't accepted, would you still like us to consider you for the market?
Do You Require Power? (Additional $10) *
Raffle tickets will be sold with ALL proceeds going to a chosen local charity.

step 3: (almost finished!) attach some photos

Please attach at least 3 photographs of your work in an email to in this format:

SUBJECT:  (your business name)
If you are accepted to the market, these photos may be used on our social media to promote leading up to the event.  If you have any photos of past market experience and your display, we would love to see that as well!

 thank you

For you interest in, and support of Hawk + Harvest Market.
We couldn't do it without you!