northern board co.


Northern Board Co. is co-owned by Bodie and Becca Smith who are a husband and wife team of artists.  Their goal is to bring art to Alberta in a unique way!  Aside from art, longboarding has been a passion for both since a young age.  

Bodie began making longboards at the age of thirteen and painting his own graphics on them.  Both have excelled in the arts; Bodie as a painter with private and university education, and Becca with University art experience, including pottery, sculpting, painting, wood burning, and welding.  Naturally these two passions of longboarding and art have been combined to form Northern Board Co.


The mission statement of Northern Board Co. is "every board has a story," which you can see in every unique hand painted board produced by Bodie or Becca.  Each board is one of kind including all the custom work done for many people wanting a design personal to them.  Not only is Northern Board Co. a brand of longboards but also a clothing brand in which you will see t-shirts, hoodies, and hats designed and screen printed by Bodie and Becca.  

Most of the designs you will see on the longboards and merchandise at the market are heavily inspired by things you will find here where we live, in the North!  Bodie and Becca would like to thank all who have supported them in pursuing their dreams as artists and are looking forward to seeing you at the Hawk and Harvest market this season!