Walls Woodcraft.

“From the front door to the dining table and beyond” is a phrase that could be used when it comes to describing the array of work services offered by Walls Woodcraft Inc. The company was established in August of 2015 by local owner/Red Seal Journeyman Cabinetmaker Devon Walls with the vision of providing a personalized experience while producing quality over quantity. Make no mistake that Walls Woodcraft Inc is a new comer to the industry as the company may still be infant, their experience is not. Holding 12 years of hands on experience in a versatile form of custom cabinets and kitchens, commercial mill work, high end custom finish carpentry, specialized fine woodworking, and handcrafted custom furniture.


When it comes to the pieces of furniture crafted by Walls Woodcraft Inc, they are created with a passion and love for wood. The passion is to create one of a kind pieces that stay true to nature by designs that let the tree speak for itself whenever possible. Form is met by function in a sense of being aesthetically pleasing and holding true to it's purpose. The process is started where materials are hand selected for the best yield and to ensure defects are absent or meant to look like a part of the design. Mixed methods of work are used to arrive at the best results using a hybrid style of woodworking via hand tools, power tools, and often handmade tools. Attention to detail is carried throughout the whole process to enhance and bring forward the true beauty of nature itself.

Some products you can expect to see are kitchenware, home decor, and one of a kind pieces of furniture. Come on down and check out your one stop shop for quality ALL WOOD products and more.

Walls Woodcraft will be at Hawk + Harvest all weekend!

Friday (Dec 8) 5 - 10 PM
Saturday (Dec 9) 12 - 5 PM